In conversation with Mohit Nagar, outgoing President of DUSU

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With the DUSU elections around the corner, parties are engaged in full blown campaigning. One cannot miss supporters rallying in the streets and engaged in promotion. We interviewed Mohit Nagar, who is the outgoing President of Delhi University Students’ Union, on his experience and future plans.

Q. Tell us about your greatest success so far.

Mohit: The union has lots of achievements to brag about. The FYUP rollback was a historic achievement for us. Revaluation has been restarted with the efforts of DUSU. Readmission has been restarted in DU. AICTE approval for all (28) DU colleges offering engineering has been attained. Shuttle bus service in South Campus and offline admission center in North Campus were also possible only because of DUSU. 

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Q. In your manifesto you had talked about providing separate hostels for North Eastern students. By providing separate accommodation do you not think that you increasing their chances of being perceived as a separate community?

Mohit: There are always two sides of a coin. I believe in working for the unpredictable. Most people will believe it is an act of separatism but that is what we need to change. North Eastern students have always suffered the worst conditions and have been ignored in the society. North Eastern students feel unsafe, insecure and suffer bias in this community. Not all of them can afford an expensive lifestyle in a city like Delhi and a hostel will be a blessing for them. There is a deep fear among North Eastern students about losing their culture and sense of identity. Hostels will be welcome among them as there is a good percentage of students from the North East.

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Q. What is ABVP’s election strategy?

Mohit: DUSU elections imply heavy campaigning. The whole point of campaigning is to uplift the ability of a candidate from zero to being the people’s choice. At the same time, paper campaigning turns out to be a major source of annoyance and disappointment for all the students. During the election season, you find roads, classrooms, college campuses and metro stations flooded with paper pamphlets and name cards of the DUSU candidates. Therefore, ABVP has decided to shun the use of paper to avoid littering college campuses. As huge supporters of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, we have decided to preserve the beauty of the campus by keeping it clean.

Q. Your policies are more or less similar to those of NSUI and AISA. What makes ABVP stand out?

Mohit: As for what makes ABVP stand out, with great pride, I can say that ABVP is not just India’s but the world’s biggest independent student organisation. We are an organisation which lives by its word and makes sure it never leaves promises unfulfilled. We stay active throughout the year. Other organisations like NSUI and AISA are mostly seen around campus during the election time. ABVP, irrespective of its candidature in DUSU, works for student welfare and their rights. We have addressed all the major and minor issues of the University, some of which the other parties fail to even recognise.

Q. DUSU is often said to the stepping stone to national politics. What are your plans after DUSU?

Mohit: That’s true to some extent. As a student, I would like to work for students’ rights further.

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