Indraprastha College for Women

In conversation with Sanchita Makkar, President, Students’ Union of IP College for Women

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Q. Congratulations on being elected the President of the Students’ Union! What piqued your interest in student politics?

When I was pursuing my primary education, I used to admire my seniors who worked for school events. Everything about it mesmerized me and the whole structure of managing work inspired me to take responsibilities. I am inspired by Gandhi ji’s words, “Be the change you want to see.” These words have motivated me to get up and take charge. After my school when I joined college my interest was multiplied when I saw immense opportunities here. So yes, the wings of power and roots of responsibility inspired me and increased my interest.

How does it feel to become the President of the college?

It’s a proud moment for me. In my first year this was an impossible thought for me but having really acquired this position, the whole scenario has changed and the extent to which I have become a confident person is colossal. But rank does not only confer privilege or give power, it also imposes great responsibility. So right now I have mixed feelings of happiness and responsibility.

What is the first thing you’ll be working on as the President of the Students’ Union?

There are lots of things which I want to work on. But for now I have thought of working on two main aspects. First, making cultural events more innovative and participative for all the students and secondly, making various processes and procedures smooth.

Being a president is a hard task- how do you plan on balancing your presidential responsibilities and academics?

Maintaining a balance is really important and difficult at the same time. But a leader has to do it and also knows how to do it. I will not plan long time tables and schedules but always try to give equal time to everything.  Not just to academics and extracurriculars,  I will try and do my best in all aspects of life. As they say, “Life will always get busy, make time to do the things you love.”

What do you think makes a Union successful, how do you plan to achieve it?

According to me, team-work makes a Union a hit or a flop. When a number of minds work together, they create an innovative success formula. I will motivate my team and will try to show them direction and a way in which their capabilities and talents can be utilized. I expect three things from my team, participation, team-work and enthusiasm to work for the betterment of the college.


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