What makes the winning teams tick at Enactus Nationals 2015

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Enactus has been a pioneer in changing the lives of students and communities all around the world. But what makes it so special?

Last month, Enactus conducted its national competition which saw a participation from 60+ college teams from across the country. While all of the teams had projects which made a difference for a different community, teams from Hans Raj College, Ramjas College, and IIT-Delhi stole the show.

Here is a list of projects that were run by the winning teams, each including their impact and sustainability figures:

  1. Enactus Hansraj had two major projects- Project Boond and Project Mithaas


Project Boond

Venture – Providing unprivileged masses an access to clean drinking water through production of low cost water purifiers that run without electricity.

Producers – Intellectually challenged individuals from NGO Samvedna.

People directly impacted – 6

People indirectly impacted – 440

Project Mithaas

Venture – The project aims at encouraging the farmers to take up the highly profitable business of beekeeping.

Producers – Farmers

Direct Impact – 6 farmers

Indirect Impact – 95 farmers


  1. Enactus Ramjas portrayed 3 major projects and came first runners up –


Project Transcreations

Venture – Aims at financial, educational and societal inclusiveness benefits of members of the Transgender community by teaching arts of jewellery making, soft skills and many more

Producers – Transgenders

People directly impacted – 22
People indirectly impacted – 2580

Project Aradhaga

Venture – Project Aradhaga aims at the social and financial upliftment of the unemployed women of the slums of Jahangirpuri and JJ Basti areas of Delhi by teaching them accessory making.

Producers – Unemployed Women

People directly impacted – 15
People indirectly impacted – 1550

They have another project named Project Amlaan which has just started.


  1. Enactus IIT Delhi, the winners of the competition presented 2 projects –


Project Exelsior India

Venture – Teaching kabadiwaalas the art of managing money, eliminating middlemen, providing them with microfinance opportunities and finally making recycled notebooks with the material picked up by kabadiwaalas. Under the project, they also created cardboard tables with solar lamps for students.

Producers – Kabadiwaalas
People directly impacted – 31,514
People indirectly impacted – 1,57,570

Project Aanch

Venture – Creating a stove which was eco friendly and trained women to produce them. It provides women highly cost-effective alternatives for cooking and reduces pollution.

Producers – Rural women
People directly impacted – 2312

People indirectly impacted – 1,35,000

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