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IIT Kanpur’s eSummit’15 to follow the Harvard ideology for case study competition

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Have you ever wondered how Harvard Business School creates leaders? The case study method takes center stage here. Edwin Gay, first Dean of HBS, called it the “problem method” and foresaw its value in creating leaders who are able to adjust as necessary to ever-changing business climates. Unlike the traditional methods of teaching, Harvard uses case studies as primary teaching vehicle. Though notes and lectures are a part of the courses, it is interesting to note that more than 80 percent of HBS classes are built on the case method.


Most people are more inductive than deductive learners. In simple words, they learn concepts better by examples than by the raw definitions. And here, case study method offers a rescue with enhancement. A case study puts one in confrontation with several possible consequences and thus leads to a concrete plan of action. At the same time, it also hones analytical skills and helps to cope up with ambiguities faced in life.


E-Cell, IIT Kanpur also believes in the Harvard ideology and ranks cases as one of the topmost methods of learning. The eSummit’15, scheduled from 28th to 30th of August, by the E-Cell in association with News Republic brings is organising grand case study competition – Decrypt, along with events like SoCha, Upstart and Pitch Your Product. Cash prizes worth 50,000 INR can be won from the comforts of your hostel room. All you need to participate in Decrypt is a laptop and an internet connection. So hurry up and get solving!


For more details visit http://ecelliitk.com/esummit/decrypt.html


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