Admissions 2015

Admission Withdrawal Procedure

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With every new cut off list, DU sees a rush of students withdrawing their admission at one college and enrolling in another. If you’re one of them and are confused about how will it work out, this article is meant to clear your confusion. It’s not really that difficult; read on to find out how to cancel your admission in one college and get a step closer to the institute you have always aspired to study in.

Firstly, be very sure of your decision. It is a good idea to sit for a while and list the pros and cons of leaving one college for another. For instance, while one might be a great ‘brand’ name as a college the other might have a very good department for the course you wish to enroll in to.

Next, go to the college you’ve already got a seat in and visit the office. You will have to write an application to withdraw your original certificates and sign a form to cancel your admission. Once you do that, you will be given your certificates. Though you’ll get your documents immediately, it can take up to a fortnight to receive the refund for your fees.

[Pro tip: Before the above step, go to the college you now want to seek admission in now and verify your marks on a photocopy of your marksheet from the college’s faculty, to be sure you are absolutely eligible.]

Again, before doing this, be extra sure that this is what you want to do. According to university regulations, the entire process should not take very long and students should be given their required documents immediately.

After that, go to the college you wish to join and repeat the process of admission.

All the best applicants!

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