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The skeptical kid’s guide to PG accommodation in Delhi University

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 Starting to live in a new city can be overwhelmingly difficult. On one hand, you are excited because you’ve just got selected to a prestigious university like DU and on the other hand, you have to start living in a new city not knowing where to go or how you will get treated. I know that feeling. Two years ago, even I was a similar person, a chirpy fresher who was too enthusiastic to be broken down by despair or distress. But I made mistakes andpaid the price. Stemming from a pond of hopelessness was tough but it’s not impossible and we all learn with time. Here are some guidelines of Paying Guest accommodation that covers all the things that you should watch out for, be careful towards and should not do at all. These guidelines will come in handy and will prevent you from making mistakes.

Things to keep in mind

1. While searching for a PG

  • It’s better to choose a PG that is in the locality of your college. All colleges under Delhi University have PGs in their locality. This way, you will be able to save on traveling costs.
  • Never rely on ads available online. There are very limited PG ads online and you might fall for a bad one. The pictures are mostly fake and the specifications, false.
  • If you are too bent on trusting an online PG ad, they will always ask for security money. Once you reach the city and do not like the PG, make sure that your money is refunded. The wise option is to agree on a policy beforehand.
  • Always look for a broker in the locality of your college. The brokers are aware of mostly all the PGs and are personally in touch with the landlords.
  • Do not fall for the first PG that you see and check out at least 5-6 before you decide on something.

2. While choosing a PG

  • PGs are supposed to offer you three things- food, a furnished environment and security. Make sure all the three things are available.
  • Most PGs are very unhygienic and 4-5 students are stuffed in one room at exorbitant prices. Try to decide on a PG that is spacious and clean and you get your private space.
  • Make sure that you get a well kempt room with a clean, big cupboard. You should also be provided with a kitchen for personal usage.
  • PGs are supposed to provide food but these days landlords ask you to get a maid of your own and pay for everything. If that’s the case, don’t agree on living.
  • The landlord/landlady is supposed to stay with you and assure complete security. Most PGs have landlords living elsewhere and that does not come in the definition of a PG.

3. After choosing a PG

  • All the PGs and flats are supposed to be registered under the The Rent Control Act that was passed in 1958. If it’s a registered PG, you will get a Rent Agreement that is mandatory. Don’t go for a PG that isn’t registered.
  • Logically, you’re only supposed to pay one month security beforehand and not more than that. Also, always get a receipt. This receipt will help you get the security money back.
  • Make sure that you make a formal agreement on either the adjustment or refunding of the security money.
  • Do not leave without a Rent Agreement and read all the points carefully. Ask for amendments on anything you do not agree with.
  • The broker should not take more than one month’s rent. Never agree on paying more than that and always make attempts to bargain.

Things to watch out for

  • Never give in to the wishes and temperament of the landlord. They always try to bulldoze all the tenants but you should remember that you always have the power in hand.
  • A lot of shopkeepers in the locality have connections with certain landlords and they try to enforce the idea of a specific PG on you. Never try to consult shopkeepers and always approach a broker.
  • Beware of ‘rent mafias’ who take money in advance without providing any sort of receipt and agreement. Again, remember that you have certain rights as a tenant.
  • Always make sure that the landlord isn’t using your room while you’ve gone away for vacations. Keep a track of how you arranged things before leaving and always check whether things are in place or not.
  • Never get too close to the neighbours. Some are good but most are nosy and can end up complaining or casting aspersions on you.

After you’ve started living in a PG, you should also try to befriend shopkeepers of departmental stores, etc. are who extremely goodhearted and may help you in times of need. They also have all the important contacts that come in handy. These are things you should always remember while looking for and finally staying in a PG. Hope it will make things easier. Happy staying!

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