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Courses less known: Language and vocational courses

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One of the great reasons why Delhi University is way ahead than other universities in India is the advancement in its courses. There are courses beyond the realm of conventional and mainstream subjects like Economics and Commerce, etc. These include language and vocational courses. The language courses have been embraced as a part of academics in many colleges. For vocational courses, Delhi University took a bigger step and established an institution called College of Vocational Studies. These courses are of three years and one graduates with the complete knowledge of the subject, both theoretically and practically.

Following is a list of all the language and vocational courses in Delhi University.

Language Courses

1. B.A. (Honours), M.A., M. Phil, PhD

There are a number of languages that you can get a degree in from the above options. These include French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Japanese and the Chinese language.
For taking up any of these as your major, you need to clear an entrance test. For some of the languages, you also be interviewed.

The languages are divided into different departments and the contact numbers and office addresses can be found in the following links.

For Russian and Bulgarian, you need to contact the Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies.

For French, Spanish, German and Italian, you should contact Department of Germanic and Romance Studies.

For Japanese and Chinese, Delhi University has the Department of East Asian Studies.

2. Diploma/Advanced Diploma

Delhi University offers a Diploma degree in German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Romanian, Swahili, Pali, Tibetan, Modern Arabic and some European languages. In the case of some languages, you need to have passed a Certificate course for Diploma. For advanced diploma, a Diploma in the same language is mandatory. The admission process of these courses starts after the regular admissions and classes start from August.

The links for the departments of these languages are as follows:-

Department of Germanic and Romanian Studies- French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian

Department of Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies- European Languages
Department of African studies- Swahili

Department of Buddhist studies- Pali and Tibetan
For more details:

Department of Arabic- Modern Arabic
For more details:

3. Certificate Courses

DU also offers certificate courses for those who wish to learn a language beyond their main subjects. People can apply to any of these courses right after class 12th. Graduates and post-graduates can also apply and the course lasts for an entire year. Several colleges in Delhi University offer these courses, some of which include Kamla Nehru College, Daulat Ram College, CVS, etc. The admission process of these courses starts after the regular admissions and classes start from August. You can study these languages even while studying another regular course at DU!


Vocational Courses

College of Vocational Studies offers around seven different vocational courses. Under each of these, you are provided with all the theoretical knowledge accompanied by industrial visits. You get rigorous training in the course you pursue and get a job easily right after graduating. The cutoffs for these courses range between 70-85%.

These are some of the courses that this college provides.

  • Tourism
  • Office Management and Secretarial Practice
  • Management and Marketing of Insurance
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Materials Management
  • Human Resourse Management
  • Marketing Management and Retail Business

The vocational courses do not have any entrance tests and students are admitted solely on the basis of 12th Boards percentage.
If you have time on your hands and wish to do something different, then these courses offer immense opportunities. People who wish to become an entrepreneur and start a business of their own or wish to become a proficient in a certain language should definitely enroll for any of these courses.


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