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The road to the country’s top job: How to crack civil services exam in India

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Civil services, unanimously considered to be the most prestigious services in the country since the times of British imperialism, is the singular job attracting millions of Indian youth to participate in the administration of the country. Over the course of time, the government of India has set up a strict merit based recruitment process to churn out the most dynamic and intelligent youth for about 1000 vacancies with number of applicants over 10 lakhs.

The Union Public Service Commission every year conducts the exam for recruitment to different services like Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS) etc. The recruitment process is a three stage elimination procedure starting with a Preliminary Exam in August with Mains in December followed by the final interview. Like the extensive examination process, the preparation for civil services is like climbing the Everest since UPSC tests the candidates on myriad subjects from economy to polity, science and technology to geography etc.

Opposed to the general myth propagated by many that cracking this exam relies on rote learning of about 100 books, newspapers, etc., in the present scenario it has become the most challenging exam in the world requiring analytical test of everyday events and objects around you on a day to day basis. Not only learning, but the ability to logically decipher the understanding of current events, history, scientific and geographical facts is necessary to get into civil services today.

It needs utmost patience and determination on the part of the candidates to devote at least 6-8 hours daily to the preparation that should ideally start during the final year of graduation or just after graduation. While most candidates are confused in the initial stages about the preparation regarding coaching classes, which books to refer, how to make notes, what to skip and what to read etc. with the plethora of options floating in the market, it’s better to take advice from the right person to save you from further roadblocks. This saves you from unnecessary wastage of time and money and helps in further preparation which is an uphill task.

Like the preparation stage, the time needed to clear the exam takes about a year which once you succeed through places you with the Union Public Service Commission for your training. While most of the countrymen aspire for this service to gain a better position in career, social prestige, etc, there is a real scope of contributing to the process of nation’s development and societal growth through this service. Today our country is plagued by many lacunas which can be eradicated with the selfless service of able and honest officers who are both meritorious and talented to deal with the current problems of the country.

“The journey towards civil services is an immensely enriching experience. At each step, we need to prove that we genuinely deserve what we aspire. The heartfelt conviction, the undying passion, the much needed consistency and the incessant desire to learn is all it takes to reach the acme.”, says Ayushi Dube, a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University aspiring for civil services.

For a young graduate, aiming for civil services needs enthusiasm to learn, patience, maturity to let go of failures and the nationalistic fervour to contribute to the country. There are many hindrances that one may face in their UPSC journey but the right strategy, the right time management and the right path always guides you towards the goal which is a dream of many but achieved by a few passionate young fellows every year.


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