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Food for thought: All you need to know before getting into DU

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The Delhi University Admission season is fast approaching with all the recent Class 12th pass-outs already biting their nails for admissions in Universities, which course to be taken and all the crucial decisions that will be taken in the coming weeks. We think everyone in Delhi University has more or less, been through this tough phase. Here are a few essential things to be kept in mind while considering admission in Delhi University:

  1. DU vs other Universities

DU is a premier university of the country and is known for its high standards in teaching and research. However, it does not mean that it seriously lags behind other universities in many other aspects. Although there’s a plethora of courses offered in DU, many desirable courses are still missing which most private universities may offer. Another thing to consider is that most private universities are equipped with infrastructure, latest technology and better campuses which a lot of DU colleges might not match.

However, considering the cost of education at Delhi University, it is much more affordable than any other university and the prestige of being a student of DU is one of a kind. Read why Delhi University should be your top choice.

  1. Infrastructure of colleges

If you’ve made your mind to take an admission in DU, the next step is considering which college to take admission in, and college infrastructure is one of the most important factors. Well functional labs, well stocked libraries will add to the academic experience and college lawns, functional theatre and the location of the campus will influence the much-hyped (but important) ‘DU life’. However don’t be so hasty while judging a college with its infrastructure. A lot of Delhi University colleges deal with a problem of insufficient infrastructure (and some are shifting their campus too). Faculty, quality education and course reputation should not be ignored.

  1. Management during and after admission process

If you’ve decided on your college and met the cutoff, the ordeal is not really over. Students have to navigate to and through the administration offices for formalities and that’s one tiring job. You might witness some slacking and mismanagement too. But that’s something we’ll all have to get used to.

  1. Placements

While a placement after graduation might not be a top priority for all, you may want to consider how good a college’s placement cell is. The placement rate, highest package offered, average package offered, biggest recruiters are just some of the parameters to tell if a college’s placement scene is good.


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