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5 things to do for your mom this Mother’s Day

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Mothers are wonderful creatures and especially dear to all of us. They bring us up, feed us, and then let us fly to conquer our ambitions; mothers single handed-ly transform our lives.

And there is one day in the entire year dedicated to only them, where we can make them feel special. So here are a few pointers on how to make Mother’s Day special for your Maa.

  1. Nothing says I love you better than hot evening tea

Most of our mothers love a hot cup of tea in the evening, and if you decide to surprise her then there’s no better way than a cup of hot tea waiting for her after her long day. It’s the best way to tell her you love her and she’s the most special person on this entire earth.

  1. Putting together a meal

Mostly, our mothers keep telling us to help them in the kitchen or learn some cooking sometime. What best way than this, to take some load off her and cook a meal for her and let her relax instead. So even if you dread the kitchen and can’t even tell salt from pepper, pick up a recipe book or search the net and cook a meal for your mom. She’ll appreciate it more than any piece of jewellery she owns.

  1. Take her out for a movie/picnic

We have enjoyed a score of movies with our friends if it’s either a class bunk or a holiday and our moms only get to hear stories about it. So buy tickets for your mom this time and treat her to some popcorn too. Since mother’s day happens to be a Sunday, you can also take her out to a picnic or a one day trip around your city. She’ll love spending time with you and the conversations you’ll have will be timeless.

  1. Treat her to a day of calming spa

Our mothers hardly get time for themselves in the hurry of work or home. So take advantage of a Sunday and get her an appointment in her favourite spa or parlour complete with massages and manicures. A relaxing day away from routine bustle is the ultimate relaxation for moms. This will also give her some time ‘me-time’.

  1. A handmade card

If in case you can’t make elaborate arrangements or take her out, then keeping it simple with a handmade card from you will also make her day special! So take out your colourful pens or borrow them from your sibling and together let your creative energies tell your Maa that how loved and dear she is to you. A messed up handmade card speaks better of your love than any pretty bought n sold card.

If you indeed try any of these out, make sure to remember the look of love on your mother’s face when you surprise her.

Tarushi Varma
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