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Sex Amma: I’m a lesbian!

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Q. Dear Amma, I desperately need your advice. I am in love with someone who was my “friend with benefits” in the past. The problem was that she did not love me back, but this did not make me forget her. Few days ago she suggested we should go back to our arrangement, but now I am in a relationship with someone else. I won’t be able to refuse her, too, what should I do?
P.S: I’m a lesbian.

A. My dear fried idli, let me warn you not to make the mistake of cheating!

Love and heart-breaks are two very grim teachers. In the past, if you have experienced a heart-break at the hands of this vada, I suggest you don’t repeat the same mistake again. Also, the one person who loves you right now despite your short comings will never forgive you.

Temptations are a way to some disaster very often. You are dealing with a very tricky situation and I suggest you don’t look back at your past, to stay happy in your present! You understand what it is like to feel rejected and if you do that someone else then you will never see the end of your guilt.

Finally little idli, learn to give up your past, because in the end it is just the past. If you still wish to give it a try, then Amma believes you should let your girl-friend know the truth and save her from being hurt, later. I wish you luck for whatever choice you make, but remember not to break any hearts in the process, whether it’s some else’s or your own.

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