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Sex Amma: I have started liking my best-friend. What do I do?

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Q. I have started liking my best-friend, but I don’t have the guts to confess. What should I do?

 A. Haaye my dear macchi! This is one question that Amma has been asked too many times in her life. Young friendship turned into love is sweeter than even banana barfi!

Now my idli, you’ll have to proceed with caution. You wouldn’t want to ruin your friendship, for best-friends are our best allies and support systems. You need to muster up enough courage to go confess, but do not pressurise him/her into reciprocating the same feelings for you. They might just already feel the same way about you, little idli! Just in case they don’t, assure them that it will not affect your friendship.

Little idli, if you are sure of your feelings then don’t lose hope. Your best-friend might just come around in some time later and say that he/she feels the same about you. If not, then don’t get disheartened! There are many other options out there, waiting for a chance to be found out.

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