Bazinga: DU to host a celebrity farewell for all graduating this year

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Keeping up with its tradition of celebrity visits, the University has decided to host a farewell party for all those graduating in the year 2014-2015. The party will be, as our sources confirm to us, studded with movie stars and singers along with a few notable politicians. It will reportedly be hosted at Hindu College sometime in the coming week, though an official announcement is awaited.

The celebrities that have confirmed their presence till now are Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone, Arvind Kejriwal, Kamaal R Khan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi is expected to arrive all-front-cameras-blazing in a Rafale fighter jet at the event. Sources confirm that he will also launch a weekly Instagram series at DU’s farewell party which is likely to be called “Mann ki selfie”. Kejriwal, on the other hand, will walk to the venue flaunting designer mufflers.

Additionally, celebrities have insisted on announcing titles. While Kejriwal wants to give out his mufflers to students who bring sting operation videos of teachers giving out free attendance points, KRK will give a chance to get clicked with himself to the girl who gets the maximum number of ‘likes’ on her saree selfie.

Entry to the celebrity farewell party is by examination admit cards only. The University is contemplating whether attendance should be criteria or not for admission to the event, but anonymous sources informed us that students with attendance of over 80% lectures may not be allowed.

Image credits: Ajit Solanki, Associated Press

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