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Five ways to give a memorable farewell

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That even enemies become friends on the farewell day is known to every student. With creative decorations and innovative events, the day either leaves good memories or plays a spoilsport. The final semester students, some of whom are already dripping in existential crises deserve the former! A test of team spirit, the day becomes an important one for the organisers too, who wish to bid adieu to the “ideal assignment makers” and their future selves. To go beyond the obvious and make the most of the occasion, here are some offbeat ways to give a memorable farewell:

Having  satirical sequence of the classroom on stage

With incessant questions pouring in from some students and funny remarks by others, the classroom becomes an interesting place due to breakages by nerds, fitness freaks, love birds, sportsmen, music lovers and other interesting personalities including teachers. Class’ mini world which has comical as well as serious people would be interesting to watch on stage. Idiosyncrasies of students and teachers in a hyperbolic sense represented on stage through specific sequences will drive some people in the audience to tears and others to laughter.

Lyrical representation of college life

Through poets, choirs and solo singers, the college life’s journey, which begins at the college website or the bulletin board to see the cut off list can be depicted in a memorable way. Inspiring oscillation in time, a metal or an indie band in the department can steal the show by invoking good and bad times spent at college.

Competitions between the graduating students and the rest

Be it a Bollywood quiz or a spontaneous dance competition, seeing the graduating students compete against the rest of the department would ensure a lighter touch to the day, giving it a diversity of emotions. Teachers taking part in the games would just add to such competitions!

Rapid Fire round

We’ve always had certain questions for seniors that have been left to decay. This can be a chance to ask questions anonymously through chits, collected and compiled before the event (the best are chosen) and then using them for a Rapid Fire round. This would bring an air of satisfaction to the juniors and would reveal the seniors’ personalities.

Decorations and gifts with a difference

Conventional decorations apart, having cartoons of your seniors on posters around the venue would be a novel thing to do. College building carved out of thermocol used as a decoration and organisers dressed by a common theme would serve as icing on the cake. Giving mugs, pencil stands or t – shirts with unique impressions of their batch as mementoes would remind them of this day and the college life, always.

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