App review : Yup!

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After ‘poking’, ‘tweeting’ and ‘pinging’ – it’s time to start ‘Yupping’! With modern day conversations becoming shorter and quicker, it makes sense to send crisp messages with one click. That’s what Yup does – you can send stock or custom messages to your friends with just a tap! The stock messages are questions like ‘Miss me?’,’Love Me?’, etc most of which can be answered with the word – ‘Yup!’ (hence the name we guess)

You can create a new account or login through Facebook, though logging in through Google is missing. Once registered you can add friends, invite other people and begin to ‘Yup’. Based on the successful app ‘YO!” it features a similar the UI – an interactive tile based layout (like a Windows phone) which displays all your contacts and services in a vertical pane. However, once you start adding more & more friends it may feel a bit messy, as everything is clubbed together. Also, to add a new contact, you must know its username, in other words name or number won’t be sufficient.

But messaging is just one part of Yup, it features a host of other features. To bring everything under one roof, the app allows you to put various services in the form of tiles. You can have news, email, Facebook, weather, etc all one the main app screen You can also subscribe to a bunch of other services like movie reviews,gadget reviews, Bollywood news, jokes, and much more! You can even put tiles linking to other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, etc. which will open from Yup itself. Another pretty useful feature is the SOS button on the top right corner, that shares your location with your friends in the times of need.

Sidhant Malhotra

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