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Sex Amma: My girlfriend suggests we try an open relationship!

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Q. Amma, I have been dating a girl for almost six months now, but things don’t seem to be working out great in our relationship, except that we are great in bed. Recently she suggested that we try an open relationship. Will it be right? But I like her a lot and don’t want to lose her.
A. Oh you sweet banana pie, my compliments on dating such an open minded girl. No wonder you don’t want to lose her, and you shouldn’t.

Now, now, little idli, open relationships are no joke, they are fragile too. If your girlfriend wants you to try it, you can give it a try, there is no harm in mixing spices in your dosa batter if it pleases you. But first you need to sit down and decide your boundaries and be honest to each other about your comfort zone.

You can either decide not to share with each other the details of your other life with the vadas or you can share it all. In the end you have to remember that open relationships don’t work if only one of the partners is happy. So, my idli, tread wisely but remember having a little open-minded fun harms no one as long as both of you are happy!

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