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5 advertisements to transform your stance on society

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Quite often we complain about the junk advertisements we see on TV, but every once in a while, admist the “Laga rha hai ya udha rha hai” deo ads, we come across an ad that makes us look twice and think. A few such ads have been very popular. Here’s the list:

Pidilite (Fevikwik): Todo nahi, jodo!

The new Fevikwik ad starts at the Wagah Border and hilariously shows in slow motion how one person helps the other in fixing his shoe within a split second. The message, “Todo nahi, jodo”, preached by the ad subtly teaches the importance of mutual friendship and how it can flourish through little things that might just save entire nations.

Havells: Respect for Women

Havells has released a series of different advertisements, showing that within the everyday social setting how often we equate women to kitchen appliances. The coffee maker ad typically preaches, that if you want to get married for coffee then marry a coffee maker, because women are not kitchen appliances. Along with catchy lines such as “chutney and patni” and “isstri and stri”, these ads make a bold point.

The Hindu- Indian Parliament Ad:

Behave yourself India, the youth is watching The ad released by the newspaper, The Hindu opens with a typical classroom setting where the teacher instructs the class to have a debate and expects a similar scene to that of the Indian Parliament and what comes next is funny, but also very moving. The basic thought of “Behave yourself India, the youth is watching” hits directly at the heart, in light of the recent chaotic parliament sessions.


Birla Sun Life Insurance: Khud ko kar buland

The Birla group came out with a touching ad where a single father tries to bring up his autistic son. Being from the middle class he faces financial struggles but he makes education available to his son through the help of insurance. The bond between the father and son shown is touching and also teaches us not to stigmatize mental illness. The ad proves that love and affection can help everyone bloom.

Google Search: Reunion

Google too released a series of ads popularly know as Reunion, in the setting of present day New Delhi where two old childhood friends parted from each other due to Partition of the two countries, are united again in old age. This ad sends across a beautiful message that old friendships die hard. It teaches us that no matter what the boundaries maybe, national or religious, friendships always find a way to cherish.


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