Youth Alliance opens applications for Gramya Manthan

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Gramya Manthan, an annual initiative by Youth Alliance organization is a nine day rural immersion journey which takes 40 change agents to remote villages in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh. During the course of nine rigorous days, the change agents adapt their lifestyles to those of the villagers, often staying with local communities. This goes hand-in-hand with workshops, discussions and activities aimed at nourishing empathy and facilitating reflection. The participants also take part in on-ground activities. Currently in its fourth year of running, this year the program will be from 13th June to 21st June.  The program aims at bridging the rural-urban divide and creating a space to observe, understand and learn the diverse realities of India. The idea is to bring the youth in sync with the complex actualities of rural life, thus allowing them a platform where they at least begin to think on pertinent issues and strive towards a more informed understanding of life in villages. Gramya Manthan is dedicated to developing social leaders; well-rounded youngsters who are equipped with leadership skills to solve the challenges faced by Indian villages. 253005_495462837131044_1579377199_n

Youth Alliance works with a vision to “Connect Youth With a Cause”. In its three years of existence, they have conducted programs where the youth gets experiential exposure in both urban and rural space to identify their passion. Their goal is to select students and young professionals who are high on commitment and passion about bridging the gaps in the society.   They will soon be wrapping up the first edition of Onus which is a year-long exploration-cum-leadership journey designed for the college students in Delhi University, and will also be organizing Change Festival to celebrate ideas and transformation.   Over the years Gramya Manthan has seen participation from across the country like Assam, Orissa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu among others. The program has helped its alumni to actively pursue careers in development space, many of whom have been associated with Teach for India, Young India Fellowship and Jagrti Yatra While some have also established enterprises like Swatantra Talim and Ek Pahal, Gramya Manthan over the course of three years has seen five more such enterprises coming up. 

To apply, follow the link by 29th March, http://youthallianceofindia.org/gramya-manthan-2015/apply/

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