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Sex Amma: My boyfriend likes to smell my sweat!

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Q. Dear Amma, my boyfriend has a habit of smelling my sweat. Is this normal? He loves it when I am sweaty.

A. My sweet macchi, if Amma was ever told that she smelled like a fresh banana leaf, she would be really flattered. And so should you be, my fragrant idli!

Often lovers are attracted through more than one of the senses, it is not only the game for eyes little idli, but for all the senses of the body. Attraction through smell is uncommon but not unheard of. It is known to heighten the sense of pleasure and bring out passion. The natural smell of your body can attract the opposite sex more than any of those fancy perfumes you young people use these days.

If your man likes your salty odor, it only means that he is truely attracted to you, desires and loves every part of you. It is a compliment my dear macchi, and there is nothing strange about it. On the contrary in Amma’s experience it can be considered quite hot! *winks*

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