Opera Web Pass: Affordable and free internet for your mobile!

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It’s not easy to select a data plan these days – it’s confusing out there! The MB / KB system, exceeding data limits, hidden costs, etc. And for some, spending on monthly packs makes little sense when they can access high speed WiFi most of the time. However, the need for mobile data cannot be dismissed that easily. There are times and places, when and where, you need internet! So, what’s the fix? Well Opera Software attempts to answer this question.

As you may be aware, Opera is one of the most popular browsers in the world. A reason for this is its availability – it runs on almost all platforms (Android, iOS, Java, Windows, OS X, Linux, etc). Across the globe, Opera is tying-up with cellular companies to provide affordable data packs and with sponsors to provide FREE sessions! Launched last year, Opera Web Pass has already tied up with all major players in India; companies including Vodafone, Idea and Tata.

The highlight of using the Web Pass is that you don’t need any pre-existing data plan arrangements with your service provider. The packs are extremely affordable and service specific for instance, Rs. 7 for Facebook weekly pass. Again, these web packs are different from the ones provided by your service provider. All one needs to do is download Opera Mini and open www.webpass.opera.com on his/her phone to browse through the available packs.

The Free Part: As previously mentioned, apart from cheap data packs, sponsored sessions are also available. For Vodafone & Idea users, FreeCharge provides free data for a day, with 5MB and 10MB limit respectively. One can simply open Opera Mini, from the ‘Speed Dial’ and select Internet Pass / Idea Web Pass option to avail this limited time offer.

Image Credits: operasoftware.com

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