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Sex Amma: My girlfriend hates sex. What do I do?

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Hi Amma.

I like sex and oral sex but my girlfriend hates both of them! Though we haven’t tried it yet and its only been three months since we are together. Help me.

You young idlies make Amma drop her appam in a hurry.

My dear Macchi, everyone has their own comfort zone and boundaries and you don’t want to push them, especially when its your girlfriend! Some of you dosas and vadas do not like to get their hands dirty (quite literally)!

And besides, before you get your boxers in a twist, 3 months may not be enough time for someone to be really comfortable with doing the deed with you. You need to talk and build a comfort zone for yourselves and the other person. Amma advises to put technology to its best use and try virtual sex first rather than jumping into the hot coconut oil in a single leap. That way you will know each other better and build a communicative bond.

If you still aren’t satisfied, then Amma suggests you move on and find someone who has a similar taste in chutneys as you!

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