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Hindu College’s Bacchanalia organised with panel discussions, poetry slams and more

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Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy was much revered among the Greeks who celebrated him through the vestibule of Bacchanalia, the festival. Epitome of liberal thought, English literature has many parallels with the symbolism that Bacchus embodied. Thus, the English Literature students of Hindu College reinvigorated the spirit by organising their annual literature festival Bacchanalia making it the confluence of literature, freedom and liberal thought.

The fest spanned over two days and catered to an audience from various colleges across the city. The Creative Writing Workshop organized by Literature studio focusing on ‘free writing’ and story writing started the fest. The workshop was followed by various competitions like spin- a- yarn, quiz, Pictionary and a poetry slam the same day. As a treat for the attendees, a yard sale of books was also organised.

The second day started with the much awaited conventional debate competition. The motion of the house was in general about the recent controversy over acceptability of members of a particular racial group representing different racial characters in movies.

The high point of the fest was the panel discussion by eminent scholars and former Hinduites Chandrahas Choudhary and Angshukanta Chakraborty on the possibility of a ‘Hindu School of Writing’. The festival ended with teachers and students celebrating free thought and right to expression.

Hits road cycling or gym when others party hard. A fitness freak with also interests in Politics, Literature and Philosophy, he is also an ardent traveller who defines travelling as a composition of heritage, language and markets and not just ‘food’ with has become a metonym for travelling nowadays. An English Honours student at Hindu College, he hates fiction but loves the subject because of its inter disciplinary nature.

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