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5 most underrated YouTube channels

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Youtube, in the last few years has replaced television as the primary mode of entertainment. There have been many renowned Youtubers who have transformed their channels into successful sources of entertainerment. However there are others who are not far behind in talent but have not received equal fame and recognition. Here are a few not-so-familiar Youtubers who are classic entertainers and deserve to be on your list of ‘Subscribed’ channels.

SahilBedi – With his social experiments and pick up-line videos, SahilBedi has made a mark on the Indian YouTube Scene. Although you’d find the ideas in these videos to be influenced by foreign YouTubers, but the reactions in these videos have set him apart from others.

Sortedd –The Sortedd team is usually found on the streets of Delhi asking people questions that the Indian society might generally consider ‘blasphemous’. While watching these videos you are sure to find someone who shares a similar thought as you, which makes it relatable.

The React Channel –The React Channel is where the YouTube famous TheFineBros pick up a common topic and create separate videos where teens, elders and YouTubers share their point of view. The reactions are often surprising and will surely keep you entertained.

Bryan Stars – Bryan Stars usually finds himself at music concerts interviewing many punk and hard rock bands. His videos are extremely funny and you’d love them if you’ve ever wanted to ask weird questions to your favourite musicians!

Gauthi – Gauthi likes to share the story of his life on the internet. He is a person who speaks about his achievements and does various challenges to entertain everyone. The reason why his videos reach the masses is because his humility resonates with normal people like him.

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