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Political Science Department of Ramjas College organises interactive teacher student session

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In the daily humdrum of attending lectures and also giving them, the importance of student teacher relation is hardly given a second thought. Knowledge within a classroom is prescribed and relations rarely do extend beyond the classroom. As a result many issues go unresolved and misconceptions are left to brew.

The Political Science Department (SPARTACUS) of Ramjas College, University of Delhi has taken an initiative in this field. On Friday, the 23rd of January, SPARTACUS organised an interactive talk with the entire department and have given it the name ‘Faculty Lecture Series’. Areesh Ahmad Syed, teacher-in-charge started the series with a lecture on ‘The history of Sexuality’ by Foucault. Teachers and student sat down together and the session progressed with Prof. Areesh taking the lead.

The main focus behind this initiative is to help improve teacher-student relationship by interacting on topics other than those in the syllabus and also to fulfill the pursuit of gaining extra knowledge. With the range of topics well extended and candid discussion much encouraged, the ‘Faculty Lecture Series’ spells out an optimistic future for the department and the college as well. This initiative on part of the Political Science department of Ramjas College was well received by both students and teachers and saw a rich participation.

This initiative by SPARTACUS is a step forward in resolving student-teacher issues and in improving relations between the two. “This was our first step in this field and we will continue to organize such activities in the future. Such type of activities should be taken up by every department in every college because the fruits of a good relationship between a teacher and a student extend beyond the borders of the classroom and can reflect in every field including academics.” said an organizing team member.

Arindam Goswami

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