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Sex Amma: Will a relationship spoil the friendship?

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I have a guy in my life who is my best friend. We both have feelings for each other and we both know it too but we don’t like any kind of “relationship thing”. Should we get in a relationship or not?

Ahhh, young love! Sounds as sweet as my banana cake! How we used to fall for the ones closest to us. But Amma also remembers the drama over splitting our idly batter later, gaah! Nostalgia aside, my love struck macchis, you both need to talk it out with each other and decide upon a way to share your uttapam! Relationships do come with commitment, but it also makes you exclusive for each other.

On the contrary there are other ways too, like being open to different chutneys around you and still sharing the same uttapam. Confused? Well, Amma is simply referring to an open relationship (happens to be Amma’s favourite) or a ‘friends with benefits’ for the more ‘spicy’ kind. You could also ‘taste’ the waters by trying dating without putting a label on it and see if it works out.

In the end, it’s between the two of you and you need to talk to one another and find the right mix of flavors! If you both make a conscious decision to try out dating without letting it affect your friendship, then you can consider it. If you’d rather not risk it, then stick as best friends!


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