CES 2015: The best of the bizarre!

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The biggest technological extravaganza of the world, Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) wrapped up recently, being held from January 6th- January 9th, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas,Nevada, USA. Like every year, thousands of new products were unveiled and hundreds of new technologies were introduced.

Last year we told you about the weird gadgets introduced in CES 2014. ( See here.) This year we are back with some weirder ones! Let’s dive in:

1. iSet Watch :Tennis Statistic Watch

Wearables are the new fad, however not all of them are productive. This smart tennis watch helps you keep a score while playing tennis – you win a point, you tap & it shows 1-0. The watch helps you track your score & works best if both players are wearing the gadget. But the question is, why?

iSet Tennis Watch | Image Courtesy: www.01net.com

2. SleepPhones

There’s not much to write about this one. It’s a pair of wireless headphones inside a headband made specifically for those who can’t sleep without listening to music, priced at $28.95.

Sleep Phones | Image Courtesy: www.huffingtonpost.com

3. Baby GlGl: a bottle that tracks milk

It’s not easy to raise a baby, especially the younger ones. Introducing, Baby Glgl (pronounced Glug), the most useful gadget ever. It is equipped with an inclinometer which calculates the best angle for tilting a baby bottle to reduce air bubbles. And that’s pretty much it.

Baby GlGl bottle | Image Courtesy: www.ibnlive.in

4. E-Tape

An inch tape is a highly productive tool, but why not push the lines? The E-tape is an inch tape with a screen which displays accurate measurements and converts them into feet, inches, millimetre, etc. It also sends this data to your phone. Though not useless, it’s definitely bizarre!


5. Sony Walkman ZX2

Beautifully designed and exceptional acoustics, this is a smart Walkman, which is also equipped with Android OS for enhancing multimedia experience. It can surely put any mobile device to shame in terms of looks and sound quality. But why would one buy a Walkman in 2015? Why would anyone use a 4 inch screen with poor resolution?


Sony Walkman XZ2 | Image Courtesy: www.theverge.com

Also, the walkman runs on android JellyBean which is now 3 years old & is equipped with a low resolution (480p) 4inch screen . The biggest shocker is the price – $1,119.99 (INR 70,0000+) for a Walkman seems bizarre! However stunning it may be, it’s still just a music player.

6. Rollkers

Everyone’s in a hurry in this fast-paced life, but some companies have taken it way too seriously. A French company showcased a prototype of Rollkers; automatic skates which attach to the sole of your shoes and claim to increase your walking speed upto 7 miles per hour! You can’t help but laugh, imagining how everyone will look with wheels beneath.

Rollkers | Image Courtesy: www.techtimes.com



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