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Guidelines for revaluation of semester results – Delhi University

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University of Delhi has started declaring results of undergraduate courses this month. A few students around the University have criticized the evaluating department for unfair and biased correction of examination papers.

The option of evaluation of answer sheets had been done away with during the October-November exams in 2013. The official notification had declared that since examination sheets were jointly corrected by a number of examiners, revaluation would not be continued. However, the administration reintroduced the system of revaluation in the University in October 2014.

According to University Information Centre, Revaluation means to reevaluate the paper of a particular subject completely. Under this the candidate has to surrender his/her original marks of particular subject and accept the final result when declared by the University as a result of Revaluation.

Important points for revaluation



Fee Structure Rs. 1000/- per paper
Documents Required Photocopy of current Statement of Marks for Verification of Roll No. including subject and marks for which revaluation is required.
Verification required Verify the filled document from the Head/ Principal of college or Institution with stamp and signature
Timings 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM and 1.30 PM to 3.00 PM
Submission Candidates are advised to submit their request to Revaluation Cell Counter.NORTH CAMPUS – (Window No. 1), Examination Branch, North Campus, University of Delhi 110007SOUTH CAMPUS – (Window No. 1), Examination Branch, South Campus, University of Delhi 110002
Results duration Result may be issued by post within the  45th to 60th day of submission of form or shall be uploaded on the website as per the notification of University of Delhi.
How to apply?

Rules for Revaluation

1. Revaluation is allowed only in theory papers of non professional courses, which have not been jointly valued. 2. Select the papers carefully in which you wish to seek revaluation. No second application for additional papers shall be accepted and summarily rejected.   3. Revaluation is to be applied for within 15 days of the date of uploading of results of University website. 4. The Candidate is required to produce a photocopy of his/her current Admission Ticket and/or statement of marks for verification of Roll No., marks etc., at the time of submission of Application Form for revaluation and also to attach self address envelop of 9”x4” sixe with Postal Stamp worth `5 affixed, for sending revaluation result.   5. Entries made by the candidate be got verified from the Principal for the College concerned.

Please note that

1. When you apply for revaluation, you surrender your original performance and will now accept the revised performance in which: a) there can be NO CHANGE, b) there can be INCREASE in the marks, c) there can be DECREASE  in the marks.

2. The application is to be made by the candidate in his/her own handwriting and under his/her own signature and not by anyone else on his/her behalf. 

3. (a)  If the award  of the Revaluation varies from the Original award upto and including  +  5% of the maximum marks, the original award will stand.

(b) If the award of the first revaluator is beyond +  5% and up to +  10%, the average of the marks of original examiner and the first revaluator will be taken.

(c) If the award of the revaluator varies from the original award by more then + 10% of the minimum marks, the answer script will be examined by a Second revaluator (Other than original and first) and the average of the two nearest awards out of the three awards thus available (including the original award) shall be taken as final.

Click here for the revaluation form.


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