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Things that happened in 2014 which Delhi University shouldn't be proud of

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Delhi University added many new entries to the list of its achievements in the past year like high ranks in surveys, faculty and alumni awards and student distinctions in different fields. But apart from all the reasons Delhi University has to celebrate 2014, there were a few incidents that we weren’t  proud of. Here’s a look at some of these:

April 2014: Professor manhandled by ABVP leader for derogatory comments on Narendra Modi

Joint Secretary of Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU), Raju Rawat was accused of hitting Professor Umesh Rai, a Zoology professor and South Campus director.

Rawat had reportedly told the professor that his attitude would not last long since the Modi government would come and get rid of FYUP. To which Rai replied by saying, “Chaiwallahs are not equipped to come and take University decisions”. Rawat and a few other students also smeared black paint on the professor’s face.

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May 2014: DU student committed suicide over harassment

A 19-year old student, who was pursuing B.Com (Hons.) via a correspondence course from the University of Delhi, was found hanging from a ceiling fan at her residence in May 2014. She left a video message behind saying that she was deeply frustrated with a group of five from her neighbourhood who had been regularly harassing and stalking her.

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May 2014: DU professor arrested for Naxal and Maoist connections

Prof. G.N Saibaba, Assistant Professor at Ramlal Anand College, Delhi University was arrested by the Maharashtra police in May 2014 from the university campus. After months of alleged suspicion of Saibaba’s naxal and maoist links, the police finally held him after which he was taken to the Nagpur jail.

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Sai baba

June 2014: The FYUP debacle

Delhi University scrapping FYUP and switching back to the old TYUP has had after-effects even till the end of the year. It effected not just the FYUP batch and all the freshers, but even the final year students of the class of 2012.

Delhi University witnessed a lot of protests by students, teachers and different political groups. With a lot of unrest in the campus, University for months fought with the education system. This fight came to an end with FYUP being scrapped off almost hurriedly.

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September 2014: DU students requested removal of three teachers over homophobic comments

A letter was signed by over 200 postgraduate students of English demanding removal of three teachers newly recruited for the academic year of 2014-15. According to the students, the reason behind this demand was the unsatisfactory teaching along with communal, homophobic remarks and incorrect facts being taught in the classes.

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November 2014: Student killed by parents for marrying outside caste

In an incident in November 2014, parents murdered their 21-year old daughter for secretly marrying a man from other caste. Bhawna Yadav was a final year Sanskrit student of Sri Venkateswara College (Delhi University) and was strangled and beaten for three days after her marriage. Rajasthani girl had married Abhishek Seth, a 24-year old contractual assistant programmer at Rashtrapati Bhawan who is a Punjabi.

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parents murder

November 2014: Delhi University’s B.Com fifth semester paper an exact copy of earlier test

The question paper of the financial management for the fifth semester B.Com student at the Delhi University was the same which was given to varsity’s School of Open Learning (SOL) students to solve during their annual exam in May-June this year.

The sequences of questions were also exactly the same which appeared in the earlier paper. A committee was set up to look into the issue but no re-exam was conducted.

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December 2014: Students caught cheating over Whatsapp

During the Biology exam in SGTB Khalsa College on 8th December 2014, six students were caught cheating, pointing at paper leak possibilities. Reportedly, there were two incidents, one in which two students were using unfair means of information inside the examination hall and the other six students were caught with the photographs of the same question paper in their smart phones while the exam was happening.

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All images used have been taken from the articles mentioned in the post. Credits for the same have been mentioned in the original article.

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