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A winter adventure: Themed amusement parks in Delhi

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Amusement parks are often looked up to as places for both the young and the old. While the kids seem to be enthralled by the sight of adventure and water rides, the adults look at it as a gateway to their childhood memories. Delhi, along with the National Capital Region, has myriad amusement parks in its envelope. The city proudly boasts of being the location of India’s first and oldest amusement park- Appu Ghar. We bring to you a list of must-visit amusement parks across Delhi-NCR.

Adventure Island, Rohini, New Delhi-       Probably one of the most popular amusement parks in Delhi, Adventure Island is a theme amusement park. It’s one place you’re likely to find something to suit every interest. From a small water park to the thrilling adventure rides, from indoor games to rope climbing; the park caters to everyone’s expectations. A reasonable entry fee of 500 bucks promises you an amazing time of fun and frolic. So where’s the next outing you’re planning?

Just Chill Water and Amusement Park, Delhi-      As cool (and funny) as the name may sound, Just Chill water park is located on Main G.T. Karnal Road. Essentially a water park, it also has amusement rides for the fans of adventure rides. Bagging the best reviews and ratings on the internet, Just Chill water park sounds like a chilling experience for everyone who visits it. With indoor and outdoor games adding an icing to the cake, the park is a complete package of amusement.

 Fun ‘n’ Food Village, New Delhi-  Located on the Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road, Fun ‘n’ Food Village is another very famous and much-loved amusement park. This park has as many as 21 amusement rides and 22 water rides. One can only imagine how much fun this place promises. The park has a food court in its premises which makes it all the more apt for picnics and outings. Food, Water rides and Adventure rides; all within the same boundary. What else do you need?

Jurasik Park Inn, G.T.- Karnal Road, Haryana-“North India’s largest water-cum-amusement park.” How does that sound? Yes, Jurasik Park Inn, Sonipat is a paradise for amusement park lovers. As the name hints, there are dinosaurs such as Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, lguanodon and Parasaurolophus everywhere inside the park –in fact, the large Theropods at the entrance of the park promises a very eventful journey inside! Prepare your vocal cords to scream in thrill and joy as you take your adventure wagon through the rides of this park.

Worlds of Wonder, Noida-Heard the name too many times? Well this is another reason why your next amusement trip should be to Worlds of Wonder, abbreviated as WOW, Noida. Located right next to The Great India Place (yes, shopaholics have an incentive to visit this park too!). WOW is one of the largest amusement parks in Asia. Having additional ventures like rain dance, DJ and mouth watering restaurants, Worlds of Wonder promises you a joyful bunch of memories as you walk through its gates.

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