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Best and worst of TV commercials in 2014

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2014 is almost out of sight and we are busy enjoying the last and coldest days of the year. What better way to spend the chilly days than staying under the blanket watching TV. Let us look back at some of the best and worst commercials of Indian television.

Here are some of the best commercials of 2014:

Hero Indian Super League

This commercial successfully delivers the message of ISL that is to unite the diverse culture of India through the medium of football and to create a platform for the younger generations which will trap and polish their potential in the game. Don’t miss the climax of the ad!

CEAT Bike Tyres
This commercial speaks the mind of every individual who drives a vehicle on the Indian roads. We certainly agree that such tyres will be immensely helpful. We sincerely await the invention of CEAT Car Tyres as well.

Bournvita – Tayyari Jeet Ki
An intelligent take to advertising which will make us ponder on an aspect of parenthood. This commercial is engrossing as well as appropriate for a health drink.

ENVY 1000 Deodorant
A spray here, a spray there and girls falling in from all directions! We all know that stuff is not real and yet this formula is used by almost all deodorants for advertising. Envy 1000, along with the humorous Irrfan Khan has used the same formula to speak the truth behind it.

Idea 3G
This commercial provides a technological solution to the problem of overpopulation. Don’t start thinking yet! It is actually one of the funniest ads on Indian television.

Five Star
They are popularly known as the “Ramesh-Suresh” ads. They are so funny you would not even care about it being unrealistic. Here is the latest addition.

The lamest ones:

However cute the sentiments may seem, they definitely cannot be arisen by the consumption of mineral water, whichever brand it is! Also, be prepared for house-arrest if any of you out there plan to give it a shot.

Rupa Frontline Vest
A vest can take you ahead of a minister (even on the road)? Seriously? Need I say more?

This commercial alleges that hunger causes heroine-like tantrums in humans which can be subdued by consumption of a particular chocolate bar. While researchers are busy finding scientific evidence for the theory, you can test it for yourself through a day long hunger strike. Do grab a ‘Snickers’ after it!

In a country struggling with issues of hunger and poverty and animal rights activists pleading for Veganism, why should someone waste milk for bathing?

MDH Masale
After Canada, US and the Gulf countries, MDH masale has made it to our list as well, purely due to the bad animation.

Honda Mobilio
The car may be good but the ultra-cool family in this ad is enough to make the sales go in losses.

Ishani Rajkhowa is a student of Economics Honors at MLNC. She wishes to build a career in Economics while enjoying writing/journalism as a hobby. She believes writing has immense power and has also been a concrete tool in her work for animal welfare to which she is truly devoted since the dawn of her college life. Ishani has diverse interests which includes an inquisitive attitude towards history, politics and she can often be seen engrossed in the TOI app in her phone. She knows the right balance between work, fun and family(including her dogs who are dearest to her).

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