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Six unbelievable facts that exist around the world

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Often we come across some facts which may seem like absolute pigeon poop but are in all essentials, true. Some contain details so unbelievable, that it becomes difficult to accept them. Hence we stick to the more general one but there are some facts which are guaranteed to leave your mouths hanging open. Given below are some such facts which are both mind blowing and true!

1. Get a license to procrastinate – The Procrastinators Club of America

Ever feel tired of people who are always in a rush? Ever feel fed up of nagging that you don’t do any work on time? It’s pretty hard when you can’t justify putting off things till later. Now imagine if you had a license to procrastinate.

Procrastination | Source: hermionesgarden
Procrastination | Source: hermionesgarden

The Procrastinators Club of America founded in 1956 does exactly that. Its motto is “to promote the philosophy of relaxation through putting off until later those things that needn’t be done today”. Their activities include celebrating Christmas in June, Fourth of July in January and National Procrastination Week (the first week in March) late. They also have a monthly newsletter, ‘Last Month’s Newsletter’ where they list as ‘upcoming’ events, those that have already taken place. So if you ever want to be an official procrastinator, make sure you join the club but when you get the time, of course.

2. Don’t know how to administer a CPR? No problem. Just turn on the Bee Gees.

 The legendary Pop Band Bee Gees’ song “Staying alive” is used by medical professionals to train their staff to administer the correct number of chest compressions per minute while performing CPR. (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function for a person who is in cardiac arrest).

Bee Gees' StayinAlive album cover | Source - Wikipedia
Bee Gees’ StayinAlive album cover | Source – Wikipedia

The reason for this is that the song has a consistent 104 beats per minute which is close to the recommended number of compressions per minute needed for a CPR. A study conducted by the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine found that the quality of CPR was actually better while listening to “Staying Alive”.

3. Are you a family lover? Take your father and grandfather to jail!

If you’re planning a heist or a big con in North Korea, don’t. You might just send your parents and Grandparents in jail along with yourself if you break the rules. Here’s why.

North Korea has a ‘’three generations of punishment’’ sentence for wrongdoers in the country. This means that if a person is found guilty of a crime, like trying to escape North Korea, he or she will be sent to jail along his or her entire family. The subsequent two generations of family members would be born in the camp and have to stay their entire lives in there. People are forced to work like slaves and punished for minor offences.

North Korea's generational imprisonment | Source: thecommentator
North Korea’s generational imprisonment | Source: thecommentator

4. Are the pillars of your building falling apart? Get a tape and rope.

There’s a building in Jinan, China which is held together by its residents using tape and rope. The walls and pillars of the building, cracked and broken, are held together by the residents by using tape and rope, lots of it. According the Municipal Authorities it is only a temporary measure till the administrations gets around to doing repairs. But the building has been there like that for over 2 years.

Cracks in a building taped and roped | Source: Quora
Cracks in a building taped and roped | Source: Quora

5. Are you a smartphone addict? Who isn’t!

You are walking on the street while fiddling with your Smartphone and manage to land yourself in front of the oncoming car or the angry cyclist who pokes you from behind. So do you chuck your phone away to save yourself from being run over? No need. The Chinese have an answer for everything.

Cellphone lane in China | Source: recombu
Cellphone lane in China | Source: recombu

The Chinese city of Chongqing has a separate walking lane for Smartphone addicts. It is 50m long and located inside a theme park. The pavement has arrow heads in both directions which addicts can see even with heads bowed over their phones.

6. Think birthday music is free? But singing the birthday song can get pretty pricey too.

The song “Happy birthday” written around 1912 and copyrighted in 1935, is still under copyright. Therefore every time the song is used in a commercial environment, one is supposed to pay a license fee to Warner/Chappell.

Copyrights for 'Happy Birthday' song | Source: webzeest
Copyrights for ‘Happy Birthday’ song | Source: webzeest

So be sure to pay up the next time you host a party.

There are many facts about this world that we don’t know, many occurrences of which we are unaware and which may seem unbelievable but are actually true.  The above are some such facts. We hope they intrigued you!

Source: Website – Quora

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