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Beyond The Obvious: Kamala Nehru College

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The fond memories of that warm cup of coffee in Chaupal, the endless queues for the 10 rupee Coke at the Coke station, NSO practices at the college ground – just one name has such stigma attached to it! Proudly abbreviated by its students and faculty as KNC, Kamala Nehru College, is one of the fastest growing colleges of The University of Delhi.

With its national ranking jumping leaps and bounds every year, the college is now a part of the top 10 arts colleges of The University.

One of the most posh locations in Delhi, KNC is located on the August Kranti Maarg and is a part of the South campus of the University. As you walk into the gates of the college, you will witness lush green lawns welcoming your presence to the campus. On your left, you would see that magnificent auditorium the college boasts of. With a seating capacity of about 700 people, it is one of the most well-designed and well-maintained auditoriums in the entire University.

As a student of the college, you know your teachers would go seamless in helping you clear your concepts; your society president would leave no stone unturned to bring out the perfection in you; and the canteen bhaiya would himself run between the doors to get you your favourite Honey Chilli Potato or Daal Makhani-Lacchha Paratha plate. Makes your mouth watery?

The college canteen has something to cater to the demands of all taste buds. From the incomparable Chinese menu to the Desi north Indian delights, a foodie knows he/she is at the right place.

A student’s day doesn’t end without visiting the impeccably placed amphitheater, Chaupal. It is one place you will witness all sorts of people doing all sorts of activities- from books to cell-phone, you get that all! The fondness for the place is common among the teachers too; yes, they gladly conduct their classes amidst nature’s envelope. KNC is also very aptly located with many food joints and markets placed all over the periphery. Some of them are the food joints such as Mithaas and Diggin, GK1 and Sarojini Market and the evergreen Hauz Khaz village. As a KNC student, one is bound to visit any or all such places at least once in their college life.

Kamala Nehru College believes in intellectual growth and all-round persona development of its students. Believing in the concept of, “A cultural society for everyone”, the college has many societies catering to varied interests of the students. Among the popular ones are Enigma, the western dance society; Zephyr, the western music society; Adagio, the choreography society; Lakshya, the theatre society and Crossfire, the English debating society. The college is a paradise for fitness and sports freaks too – an efficient gym and large sports field adds to the wholesomeness of the college.

KNC is a second home for everyone – there’s a unique pride and loyalty towards the college that KNC students have running in our veins. Rare as it may sound, it makes Kamala Nehru College a home away from home.

Arushi Pathak
[email protected]

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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