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Sex Amma: How to talk to girls?

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Dear Amma, I have been having crushes since my 1st year, but never understood how to express it. Basically the problem is I don’t know how to get along with girls. I mean I don’t know what should I say to make myself interesting to them. Tell me how to start a conversation. I’m in final year now and I feel it’s high time to have girl friend. Please give me some tips.

Ah, a classic problem! No matter how strange and absurd the usual questions get, we always seem to come back to the basic issues every now and then, don’t we, little idli? Well, let me share a few pieces of wisdom I have acquired over the years.

First of all, don’t get intimidated because you are talking to a girl- just see her as a regular person. Secondly, put aside any stereotypes you may have in your mind about what girls like to talk about and how they behave. Every girl is different and has a unique set of interests, so I can’t really tell you what might seem universally interesting. However, some topics that are always good topics are everyday things like books, TV shows, talking about college experiences and so on.

When it comes to starting a conversation with a girl for the first time, be careful not to come across as creepy- it’s sad but true that most girls are accustomed to receiving a lot of unwanted attention. Having said that, you don’t have to walk around eggshells; just be friendly and calm. You can strike up a conversation depending on the context. Met her at a party? Ask how she knows the host or any mutual friend. Met her through society related work? Talk about your shared interest.
Lastly, do not feel the need to see every girl you talk to as a potential girlfriend. If that’s your sole aim, you’ll end up being as disappointed, macchi! You can befriend them too, you know. In fact that’ll help you loosen up and be more comfortable around the opposite sex. And who knows, they could maybe introduce you to some of their single friends too!

Providing guidance to the students of DU since 2008 on matters of sex, dating and intimacy, Amma is back again this week with her dose of advice. Want to ask Amma a query? Mail it to [email protected].

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