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5 scary situations Delhi University students dread

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Halloween, as a festival, has always been associated with scary and morbid themes- after all many cultures remember the dead on this particular day. While it’s not a commonly celebrated festival in India (and let’s face it, we hardly have a dearth of holidays to celebrate), keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we decided to take a look at some situations that are scary enough to give Delhi University students nightmares.

The Metro stops functioning for a prolonged period of time

The beloved DMRC is essentially a lifeline for many DU students who travel from far off corners of the city (or to far off corners of the city-off campus colleges, anyone?) In such a scenario, if anything were to happen that disrupts our daily metro commute, whether it’s a technical glitch or a prolonged delay, we’d be left cribbing and annoyed, because most of the alternatives aren’t comfortable or cheap.

Any new change brought in for the current second year students 

Seriously, haven’t these poor kids had enough? DU has always introduced changes in the system, but I think we can all agree that the FYUP introduction and the eventual roll back of the same, takes the cake. Not just that, but this is the ‘guinea pig batch’ who also started off with the CCE system. Any more such changes might set these disturbed students off balance. It hurts to even joke about it!

Studying for the wrong paper/subject

Now, this may or may not have happened to me, but imagine a situation where. for whatever reason, you studied for the wrong exam (internal or external) and realised your mistake a few minutes before entering the exam hall. Terrifying, right?

Getting an ER or a ‘back’, as it’s affectionately called

As if studying for a paper you obviously didn’t understand much of wasn’t scary enough, imagine getting an ER in that dreaded subject! ERs are no joking matter- many students spend sleepless nights tossing and turning, praying that they avoid this ordeal in their college life!

A dangerously low attendance record

The semester is almost over, and the study break is about to start in a couple of weeks. Bunking all those classes now seems like a bad idea. This is especially true for those who study in colleges that are super strict about attendance records. If you’re from one of those colleges, you know you’ve had minor panic attacks over this! Of course, it doesn’t help when you hear of stories of students getting admit cards for exams despite getting an abysmal attendance figure.

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