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Sex Amma: Dear Amma, how to convince her for oral?!

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Q. Dear Amma, I have heard a lot about oral sex and I want to try it too but my girlfriend is not too keen. Amma, how do I convince her for oral sex?

Well, that was rather to the point. The number of times Amma has been asked this question is both amusing and sad! Having been at the receiving end and knowing fully well how great oral feels for either parties, trust me, my heart goes to your dosa.

Now, coming to your problem, the first and most important thing to remember is that any kind of ultimatum or pressurizing is a bad idea. Definitely steer clear of any “If you love me you’ll go down on me” kinda dialogues, okay? If you pressurize her, it’s probably not going to lead to a good outcome because even if she agrees, she’ll do it half heartedly and since you’ll know she dislikes it, you won’t have a good time either (yes, that is possible).

Instead, talk to her about it in an open and calm way.

Tell her that you’d want her to at least try it once and that you’ll make the whole affair much more comfortable for her.

(This includes maintaining proper hygiene, not rushing her or moving her head too much while she’s at it!) You could also try perfecting your skills at giving oral!

If she still doesn’t seem to want to go for it, don’t push it, little idli. There are a lot of other things you can try in bed. If you really have your dosa set on this though, and feel unfulfilled, you should consider moving on. (But again, don’t use this as an ultimatum either.)

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