Harvard US- India Initiative: Applications open

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Started in 2001, Harvard US-India Initiative (HUII) was initially a student led organization aimed at bringing together youth from India and US to foster growth and address the most pressing matters of Indian politics, economy, culture and society. Having already encompassed memberships from five countries and 15 different colleges, HUII conference team has been organizing chapters and annual conferences about Indian development not just at Harvard but also at SRCC and SPJMR. It aims to provide a platform to the youth to discuss issues and provide solutions, to the youth who are willing to bring change to their nation. The core of their ideology is investment in future.

This time HUII is holding its largest youth conference at Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi on 9th and 10th January 2015. With an aim to discuss the multiple aspects of India’s past and future, the conference will be hosting 450 students from high schools and universities from across the world. These participants will choose to attend 5 out of 20 sessions on offer, ranging from Indian political drama to economic severity to the cultural vastness and social domain of our nation.

Registrations for the conference are now open, but getting selected is no cakewalk.

An online application taking a detailed account of your contribution to your educational institutions and future plans will be studied and on the basis of merit, the cream of the lot will be selected as delegates. In fact, to ensure that the brightest minds do get an opportunity to attend the forum, financial aid will be provided to those that require it.

Besides the panels, a case study competition will also be organized, the winner of which will be awarded the annual HUII Recognition Award for Best Entrepreneurial Potential along with some prize money. The concluding event is set to a meet-and-greet networking event and a social to garner better understanding between the participants.

To register for the conference, follow the link:!registration/con8

Ayesha Sareen
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