Five ways to celebrate an animal-friendly Diwali

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This Diwali, make sure that your pet does not pay the price of your festivities. Remember, the fireworks which are a humongous source of delight for us, are a medium of torture for the sensitive ears of our pets who can hear frequencies well beyond the human range of hearing. They are neither acquainted with the religious sentiment behind the festival nor are they aware of how safe or dangerous the crackers are for them. Hence, it is our responsibility to make our pets and other animals feel safe and secure amidst the deafening noises.

Here are five ways to do so-


Keep your pet indoors

Your pet might get bewildered by the loud noises, the smoke and the unanticipated excitement if kept outside. Add to this the chance of being injured by crackers. Keeping your pet inside will reduce the trauma and ensure he/she is out of harm’s way. Also, try to distract them with television, loud music and so on.


Do not leave them alone

It might seem appealing to visit your loved ones on Diwali but if you are the owner of a beloved animal, kindly refrain from doing so, especially during evening hours. Your pet needs your presence in order to feel safe. To them, you are their world, it is you who will save them from whatever havoc has broken loose causing the distressing noises.


Feed them before the fireworks start

The fear and wariness is likely to kill your pet’s appetite. To them the noise is a sign of potential danger. Make sure they are fed before the fireworks start.


Use pet-friendly crackers

Celebrate Diwali in the traditional way without compromising with your pet’s comfort. Light up your house vibrantly with oil lamps and coloured lights and use fireworks like phuljhadis and chakris which provide a pleasant sight but no noise pollution. Gift your pet accessories like ear muffs to cut out the noise.


Spread Awareness, keep watch

Spread the above points amongst anyone and everyone. Teach children to not trouble pets and strays for mere enjoyment. Be vigilant, stop children and adults alike from harming them. Make sure that there is a special area beyond which firecrackers aren’t allowed, most housing societies follow this, and it is high time all neighbourhoods did so. And since such an area is normally an open space, like a field, make sure that there are no stray animals around.


Image source: The Hindu

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