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Enactus CBS wins National Championship, all set for World Cup

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We have all heard or seen the name Enactus around campus but how many of us, who are not a part of the campuses, actually know what Enactus is all about? A conversation with Vatsal, the President of Enactus CBS (College of Business Studies) that has won Enactus National Chapionship 2014 and is now representing India in the International World Cup at Beijing, cleared our doubts.

Enactus is an international non-profit students’ organisation spread across 36 countries which involves college students to make self-sustainable employment models for the underprivileged that would continue to exist even after the students move out of the circle.

Every year , a national competition is held in Mumbai where Enactus teams all over India come together to showcase their projects and the winning team goes on to the International World Cup.This year the team of CBS won the National Championship and left for the International World Cup on October 20.

There are three projects that they will be putting forward , the first being a sanitation solution project for women in urban slums where awareness camps are held to discuss menstruation, a woman entrepreneur is chosen who is then linked to the manufacturer companies for sanitary napkins. The appointed woman sells these sanitary napkins in her locality at a cheaper rate while earning a profit. This project has been adopted by the Government of India and is being implemented in 23 districts across India. The second project is called ‘Akshar’ where waste paper is collected and recycled to be bound in eco-friendly note books which would be sold in various colleges, campuses, companies, etc. The third is ‘Gramodhar’ where students have adopted a village called Ghamroj and provide it with income generating activities like poultry farming, beauty parlours and boutiques along with libraries and health camps.

With the final aim of winning and last touch-ups in action, the team is more excited than nervous to be part of such a huge event with various activities and a wide range of speakers.

Isheeta Sharma
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