YouTube announces Offline viewing: How does it really work?

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One of the most popular pastime for smartphone owners these days is watching YouTube videos. And why not? These pocket-sized PCs equipped with high-resolution displays, large screens and ultra fast performances no doubt provide a great video watching experience. With these portable devices you are no longer bound to sit in front of your computers, you can enjoy your videos on a couch, bed, balcony or bathroom! But, wouldn’t it be nice to have your favorite videos available to you at all times, even when you can’t access the internet?

On September 15th, in an event at New Delhi, Google revealed its intention to make YouTube videos available at your disposal without the need of connecting to the internet.

But how will it work? What about video piracy? What’s the catch? – Here’s all you need to know.

As of now, the feature will be available exclusively for India, courtesy – YouTube’s astronomical popularity in our country! In 2013 YouTube’s Indian audience grew by a whopping 70%.  Also, the feature is accessible only through the company’s mobile app.

The users will be able to save videos and playlists by using the ‘Add to Device’ feature on the application.  And here comes the catch- it can be saved for 48 hours only! After which, the video won’t work, until the device is reconnected to the Internet. Once reconnected, the user shall be able to watch the video again!. The clips will also incorporate ads and the views will get added to the total views of the video.

For the uploaders, you may disable offline access to your content during or post uploading. The existing videos will also be converted; you will have to select your preference from your dashboard, if and when notified.  However, by default, the feature will be enabled for all videos.

The feature is not available for YouTube’s TV & movie rentals. Also, there’s no mention of music videos offered through subscriptions. Though no “release date” was announced, according to Google’s official mailers (being sent to the partners), the update is slated for November.  Will it be available across all platforms or only restricted to Android, is something no one has a clue about.

Users are welcoming the move, as it would surely revolutionize the way we watch YouTube, for better.  The company in its presentation focused specifically on easing long boring morning trips to workplace & colleges.  The service shall be soon available in other countries as well.

So next time when you plan a journey, do take your favorite videos along! Happy Watching.

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