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Beyond the Obvious: College of Vocational Studies

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An institution with a 42-year old foundation, College of Vocational Studies is an off-campus constituent of Delhi University situated in South Delhi, right beside Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

CVS is a compact college with just one academic building, enclosed in a structure made using red-brick. A downside of being compact is that classes run till 4:00PM for many sections. In the centre of the structure is an open area called ‘centre stage’ which constitutes of an elevated platform and enough space for an audience of 500 people to stand – a place used for fests and other events. The college does not have an auditorium. Instead, CVS has a seminar hall used for guest lectures and indoor events like quizzes and debates. The field is among DU’s biggest and is a favourite among students during winter (also due to its proximity with the canteen).

The college is equipped with technological aids like a fast Wi-Fi network and projectors in most classrooms. Teachers walking into classrooms with laptops and teaching via presentations is normality at CVS, which is a boon for students of theory-intensive courses like history and management. Speaking of management, the college has active business-related societies, namely the FIC, Econox and M.Soc. Seldom will there be a week when the seminar hall is not host to an event organised by either of these societies!

Inspite of being an off-campus college, CVS is not strapped for hangout spots and food joints. Select Citywalk, DLF Place and MGF Metropolitan malls are just a stone’s throw away (or a 10 rupee shared auto ride). Also, near the college are multiple Maggi points and juice huts. Right in front of the gate is also a Frankie’s roll stall. CVS’ own canteen is renowned for its extensive menu.

After the introduction of FYUP, CVS could not offer vocational courses, naturally leading towards a change in the college’s name – College of Management Studies was one doing rounds among students and teachers. The modification lost necessity post the reintroduction of the three-year programme.
College of Vocational Studies may not be among the top 10 colleges of DU right now, but it’s closing in, and is unambiguously high on sophistication and exposure.

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