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St. Stephen’s emerge victorious at SRCC Gambit 2014

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The SRCC Debating Society recently hosted its annual Fresher’s Parliamentary Debate – Gambit right before the University’s Mid Semester Break. The tournament played host to 32 of the best fresher teams from across the country.

The debate comprised 5 preliminary rounds followed by post break rounds. The top 8 teams made it to the next round of the competition. Apart from the teams that came to debate, the tournament also featured some of the most illustrious adjudicators from the circuit. The debate followed the 3 on 3 Asian Parliamentary Debating format. The preliminary rounds exposed teams to a variety of themes such as sports, law and even a hypothetical round.

The final was a closely contested debate between St. Stephen’s College and Ramjas College on the motion – “This house believes that fertility treatments have done more good than harm to the feminist movement.”Stephen’s emerged victorious on a 4-1 split in the finals. The competition for the adjudication prizes reached a new high with Shaurya Upadhyay winning the 1st prize with a perfect score of 5. The second best adjudication prize saw a 4-way tie between Arshia Ticku (Hansraj) , Piyush Bhutani (Venky) , Jagat Sohail (DSE) and John Biju (St. Stephen’s College. The finals debate at Gambit is hopefully a sign of things to come in the circuit.



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