Strength and ability to be vocal marks a good student union: KNC College President

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Ms. Kamya Kiran, the College President 2014-15 of Kamala Nehru College, believes hard work will solely do justice to her responsibilities. She wishes to be a force to reckon with and plans to begin from working on little problems. DU Beat brings to you an interview with Ms. Kamya Kiran.

Could you give us a rough idea of your agenda in election campaign?

My only agenda during this year’s election campaign is to help the student body of KNC in as many ways as possible. I spent time with the students and plan to work on issues they mentioned.

How do you plan to go about executing your agenda and launching Kamala Nehru College as a brand in itself?

KNC is an established and renowned college. The only thing which prevents the college from being a brand in itself is the tiny wrinkles it has which need to be smoothed out.

College President often means skipping classes, doing all the work and being specifically responsible. Do you think it’s a big sacrifice in terms of academics?

I do not feel the position asks for a big sacrifice academically. I’m an ECA student and missing classes is nothing extraordinary for me. The trick is to work hard on one’s own and keep up with the rest of the classes.

In this academic year, what is the one thing that you’re determined to focus your attention on?

As the president, I’m currently focusing on figuring out ways to fulfill my promise to the student body about solving their problems as well as pushing new, innovative projects which will benefit the student body greatly.

Lastly, how important do you think it is for KNC to have a student union that walks the talk?

I think it is very important for every college to have a student union which walks the talk. For me, the strength and ability to be vocal and to push actively for the requirements of the student body is what marks a good student union. I believe these traits define any student body and not just KNC’s.

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