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Five things to do in the extended mid-semester break

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Yes, you heard it right. You can turn the week-long mid-semester break into a 10-day long escapade. And for this long retreat, we have a list of five things to do. Of course, can always take a trip with your friends or catch up with movies and TV series, and we’re sure that you have these lined up. But do take a look and see if these alternatives appeal to you. Luckily, these can be squeezed in or work out simultaneously with the trips and couch-potato hours. And let’s be honest, aren’t those 2am nights enough to keep up with the comedies and thrillers?

Learn to make infused vodka

Make apple schnapps- the name is fancy, the process is easy, and the drink is strong. Needless to say, the going’s good. Worried about not being 25 yet? Ask the pros where to go.

Bake the perfect chocolate cake

First, don’t use cake mix. Second, keep experimenting (what did DU give you five extra days for). Discover the Nigella Lawson in you. Never mind the mess you leave the kitchen in.

For those of us who don’t have official documents, get them made

We have all been hit by slow government offices and sleazy employees, but one has to get one’s documents made. A voter’s ID card, passport, a driving license, a PAN card (chuck the controversial Aadhar maybe) are documents that we are going to need sooner or later. Get them now.

Be the quintessential Indian nerd

For those of us carrying the burden of pending assignments home with us, let’s don our nerd glasses and get working. Make use of some high-speed internet, discover public libraries, burn the midnight oil. A doctoral degree awaits.

Make a home video

Honestly, we all need a break from the cute kitten and puppy videos. Get your smart-phones out and get rolling. The internet today offers some of the best editing software. Be cool, be a filmmaker.


[email protected]; Alankrita is a student of Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Technology is one thing that terrifies her and at the helm of a good old newspaper is where she hopes to be one day. Reading, writing and holidaying (not necessarily in that order) are her favourite things to do. If not a journalist, she would be a politician, as goes the trend.

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