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Collection drives across the campus for Kashmir flood victims

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IP College for Women has asked every student to pay Rs.10 compulsorily and more, voluntarily. Apart from that it has voluntarily been collecting since 13th September chlorine bleaching tablets, powdered food, medicines, syringes, blankets, clothes, baby products, candles, matchsticks, shawls, woolens, torches, toiletries et al. Jesus and Mary College has already been able to collect blankets, torches, medicines, sanitary napkins, bed sheets, shawls, umbrellas, and nearly 200-300 people have contributed till now, and the number and collection amount is sure to go up by 17th September, the last day of the collection drive. Kalindi College held a rally on 12th September urging everyone to donate and help in the relief campaign. The rally constituted the whole college population, both teachers and students. The Dramatics Society of the college also performed on the theme ‘Save Kashmir Flood Victims’. Apart from the huge collection achieved in kind and goods, the college was able to raise around 1,85,000 rupees for the cause. The NSS unit of DCAC held a collection drive for J&K flood victims on 16th September, in association with Kashmir Foundation for Social Change, a Kashmir based NGO. Students donated generously both in cash and in kind. The Street Play Society, Leher did a call and a short skit to inform people about the situation in the valley and encourage them to donate. Students participated actively by writing messages for the flood victims and singing inspirational songs while they were video graphed. A video was also shot wherein it started with a consoling message for the flood victims and was followed by a large group of students singing the National Anthem. To end the day on a light note, a group of students from the North East and some musicians did a jam session to show their concern and support for the people in the valley. Numerous cartons of clothes, medicines, water bottles, food packets were collected along with about Rs. 24,000 in cash which will be utilised to buy relief material of immediate need. [gallery ids="26388,26389,26386"] Dayal Singh College also collected goods and cash department wise for the relief work which was further sent to Jamia Milia Islamia University for dispatch. About every other college of Delhi University joined in the relief and donation campaign through college unions, NSS, Enactus, NGOs, other societies, institutions and universities to contribute for the same. Apart from that, the colleges were very forthcoming in sensitizing and popularizing the need to help and save the flood victims, through posters, meetings, announcements, enactments, rallies, drives, public urging, message circulation, notices and a lot more. Colleges like Hansraj, DCAC and volunteers from many other colleges came together on 13th-14th September, in CP, in association with Kashmir Foundation for Social Change to collect and urge people to donate. A substantial amount of collection and donations have already been dispatched for to Kashmir.   Image courtesy: Enactus LSR and NSS unit, DCAC]]>

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