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WDC Daulat Ram College produces short film ‘Jagriti’

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The Women Development Cell of Daulat Ram College- Pragati, has always been effectively outspoken when it comes to addressing issues of women’s empowerment. This time the students of the college have produced a short film ‘Jagriti’ which is not only about women’s development but about human development as well. The motive of this movie is to instill sensitivity in the minds of young boys. To inculcate a feeling of mutual equality in them so that they believe that women are as strong as they come- be it in their nature, or their self- esteem or their personality.

Women’s development has often been cited as an integral part of human development rather than a separate idea. According to Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen, one of the key figures behind the United Nations’ Human Development agenda, empowering women is key to building the future we want.

Pragati, which essentially means ‘to excel’, aims at providing students an opportunity to give expression to their thoughts and ideas. Through this short film their message stands out clear and loud- gender discrimination is something that has been ingrained in the subconscious minds of Indians. The patriarchal society that we live in, the rituals we follow, the festivals we celebrate, all in all many things that we accept as ‘simply natural’ add to the large picture of inequality that women in India face on a daily basis.

Malini Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Convener, Women Development Cell of Daulat Ram College, said,” We strongly believe that today’s boy is tomorrow’s man and so he should learn one basic thing apart from his curriculum, to respect women, to not see her as an object for lust, not a hand for work but a hand at work.”

The Women Development Cell of the college has also collaborated with a number of projects to spread awareness regarding women’s rights.

“We want young boys and men to raise their voices against growing atrocities on women”, Malini Sharma added.

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