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When in college, does a student understand how important it is to have a good resume? And to have a good resume, one must be able to mention an attractive list of experiences and references. While part-time jobs and internships are the only things manageable with college studies, it is quite important that there exists a medium which acts as a bridge between the students and the companies.

One such intermediary is FYGW (Find Your Great Work), a startup of Mr. Amit Pandey and Mr. Bhuvan Singhal that does exactly the same, bringing the talented opportunities and startups, the talent.  Having been in the startup hiring industry for two years now, it has worked with many startups, through collaborations and partnerships, and also with many colleges like SRCC, IIT-D, DTU, delivering them the best of talents and opportunities.

FYGW.in is currently hiring Campus Ambassadors who will help them to take their initiative a step further by increasing their scope of reach. The Campus Ambassador program is being launched in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore simultaneously. The Campus Ambassadors, as representatives, will be trained in various business and career related skills, helped to establish commercial contacts, expand professional network, work on very key corporate cases, and learning to handle issues and responsibilities. Apart from that, the Campus Ambassadors will be given challenges and opportunities where they have the freedom to organize events and activities, fix meetings and publicize new opportunities and internships, thus making leaders out of young minds.

Soon, in association with MTV and NASSCOM’s 10,000 Startups, they will be launching #Selfiethon, an ‘employer branding’ and ‘winter intern hiring’ campaign that will allow the worthy to work with top hundred startups in the country as winter interns. On the basis of the credentials, 100 candidates will be chosen and will get paid internships. For the startups, on the other hand, it is a novel chance to brand themselves in the market.

Apply for Campus Ambassadors program at campus-ambassdors.bearebel.in

To check out the #Selfiethon campaign, log on to www.fyge.in/selfiethon


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