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Sex Amma: Not keen on trying the back door!

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Q: Dear Amma, my boyfriend watches too much porn and has been forcing me for anal sex. I’m simply not comfortable with it, but he doesn’t listen and sulks when I say no. We tried once and it hurt like hell, I don’t want to do it! It’s been months and he doesn’t seem to get it. He says his friend’s girlfriend doesn’t mind it and then I feel guilty for saying no.

A. Oh my poor idli! Amma doesn’t get it, why can’t you young machhis tell a firm no? Talk to your boyfriend and explain to him once and for all that he’s being an absolutely unreasonable arse (no pun intended). You should also clearly state that what he watches on porn sites should only be used as inspiration from time to time and not be used as a benchmark.

If he still keeps on being a pain in the ass (pun definitely intended), LEAVE THE GUY! Treading the backwaters of ‘love’ is not everybody’s forte. If you’re not comfortable with it, just say NO and leave the impatient dosa.

And Amma smells something fishy in the friend story. He’s might just be trying to get his way. Don’t give in. Ask him if he would agree to the behind bang. The answer would be…you guessed it!

Let’s just leave all this back-alley business to Nicki Minaj and her Anaconda. You don’t have to torture your buns, hon!

Note to the guy: Aiyyo! Practice what you preach and then talk.

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