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“It is uncool to carry tiffins to college”, say Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapoor

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While promoting Daawat-E-Ishq as part of the ‘Food Yatra’ at Delhi University, Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapoor took out some time to get candid with the correspondents of DU Beat. As both of them share their experience of the canteen trial at Miranda House and Hindu College, Parineeti also demands the girls’ colleges to be converted to co-educational institutes.

From talking about their film to sharing the experience of working with each other at Yash Raj’s ‘kitchen’, these co-stars gave advice for the DU students apart from fighting over the unused gifts they once gave to each other and talking about their own college life and their love for food.

Presenting Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapoor, in conversation with our correspondents Iresh Gupta and Ishika Gupta (Photographed by Swati Verma)

Ishika: Hello! So tell us a little about the film and what made you sign this film as the film deals with the intricacies of different Indian food items?

Parineeti: I signed the film majorly because I wanted to work with Habib Sir (Habib Faisal, Director) again after Ishqzaade. I have always done films which have an edge and where I am a strong woman. Here, the character is very strong, but the girl is very simple and sweet who later meets him (points towards Aditya) and falls with his character. This was a role which I have not played before, so I was really excited when I was offered Daawat-E-Ishq.

Aditya: For me it was a different character and something with a challenge. I enjoyed the script a lot because the film world is an arena I don’t know or I have not been a part of or grown in. But Habib Sir knew that world and it is good to work in such an environment. I was excited as it was the combination of the script, the director, the c0-star, the production house and the character.

Iresh: So did you consider the risk factor here? Because the concept of falling in love over food is not something that has been explored in the industry earlier?

Parineeti: Actually this was the newest and the coolest thing about the film. A love story can explore different subjects. This is a food centric film and the subject of food is a little rare. I was very excited for that.

Aditya: Exactly! This is what attracted us towards the film. I mean you must not have seen anyone falling in love over the matters of food. It was mixing up two opposite but equally spicy cultures of Lucknow and Hyderabad. So it was Daawat-E-Ishq for me as well.

Iresh: And how was it working with each other for the first time?

Aditya: I was excited before the film and then I met her and my world came crashing down (mocks). But genuinely we had a fun time together. We share this sense of humour that is quite lame to other people but we enjoy it. Sometimes films can also be boring so it a bonus to have a company that is good and entertaining.

Parineeti: Yes, we manage entertaining each other. We also had Anupam Sir (Anupam Kher) in the team. He is the positive kind of energetic man. He is definitely the most positive, energetic and youngest of all three of us. So this was a great thing that we experienced in our journey.

Ishika: Tell us about your experience at the two colleges you visited for Food Yatra in Delhi University?

Aditya: Parineeti had issues at Miranda but I had no complaints. It was amazing. It gave me some positive energy. We got a great response from Hindu as well though there were more boys there but I never had much problem. (laughs)

Iresh: Parineeti you were offended by the fact that there were no boys at Miranda, right?

Parineeti: There were no boys in Miranda House and I am very upset about that fact. Miranda House and JMC (Jesus and Mary College) should start getting boys. Hindu was great as it had boys. I was dancing there but at Miranda I was bored and I had nothing to do.

Aditya and Parineeti duing their visit to Miranda House for 'Daawat-E-Isshq Food Yatra'
Aditya and Parineeti duing their visit to Miranda House for ‘Daawat-E-Isshq Food Yatra’

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Ishika: Parineeti, tell us something about your favourite restaurants while you were in college?

Parineeti: I have not been a Delhi University kid. I completed my studies in England. My list of restaurants won’t help you much. You should ask Aditya about his favorite restaurants while he was in college. He actually never attended college, so he knows well about the food outside.

Aditya : No, I will tell you about her. She has her restaurant in her own house. She would bathe in Nutella every day.

Iresh: And something about your college life in Bombay, Aditya?

Aditya: I did not do much in college. It was pretty much chilled. I have spent maximum time with my friends sitting on car bonnets in Bombay. But those are great memories. It was great privilege after so many years of school to do nothing and have the maximum freedom.

Ishika: One advice you would give to college students in terms of food management as the pocket money is limited.

Parineeti: Do whatever but don’t carry dabbas to college. Never. It is most uncool thing one can do in college. Rather snatch food from those who get dabbas.

Aditya: First advice is that GO TO COLLEGE. Then with minimal budget go and eat street food, your maggi or vada pav or whatever the trend is in Delhi or simply rob. But never carry dabbas. I agree with Pari on this.

Feature Image Credits: Iresh Gupta for DU Beat

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