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ABVP, NSUI expose each other, demand cancellation of nominations; evidences attached

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With a few hours to go for Delhi University Students’ Union Elections, the election phase witnesses two highlight contesting parties fighting over another accusational controversy. Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on 9th September accused National Students Union of India’s (NSUI) two contesting candidates of fraudulent admissions.

Alleging that NSUI’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate produced fake documents, ABVP demands cancellation of nomination and admission of these candidates and students.

I. “Gaurav Tushir concealed information about his habit of migrating” – ABVP

Case Overview – According to the rival party ABVP, NSUI’s presidential candidate Gaurav Tushir failed in Hans Raj College as a first year student in 2011. He then sat as a fresher in Satyawati College in 2012 not letting out his details about his previous admission. His admission at Satyawati was later cancelled. ABVP also claims that he misled the college authorities repeatedly as he then took admission to Motilal Nehru College (again as a Ist year student) without giving any information about his previous student records.

ABVP’s stand – “We have all the evidences. Documents have been presented to the authorities. Principal, Motilal Nehru College found our complaints valid and wrote to the principal at Satyawati College (refer to Evidence 1.1) who in reply confirmed Tushir’s student records in his college”, says Saket Bahuguna, Delhi State Secretary, ABVP.

[caption id="attachment_25926" align="aligncenter" width="547"]Evidence 1.1 - Letter from Principal, Motilal Nehru College to The Principal Satyawati College Evidence 1.1 – Letter from Principal, Motilal Nehru College to The Principal Satyawati College[/caption]

NSUI’s stand – “These are all such false claims. Tushir has cleared the case and we have not received any action from the University, which means we are not at fault. This is part of ABVP’s agenda to gain limelight, as they are not doing well with the campaigning. There is a lot of pressure from the Modi government and the HRD ministry. Smriti Irani is well aware about it. This is just to win the elections.”, said Mohit Sharma, NSUI Delhi Secretary in the party’s defence.

Action taken – CEO for DUSU Elections Prof Rawat says, “We cannot take any action. Principal of Motilal Nehru College has to look into it. If they cancel his admission, he can no longer contest.” Nothing has been done till now. ABVP also stated that now Motilal Nehru College’s principal is deviating and not taking any stand. “We don’t know if he is bribed or pressurized. But he is now delaying the matter. We want the admission to be cancelled after which they will no longer be eligible to contest”, remarked Bahuguna.

Gaurav Tushir was also called in by the Prinicipal, Motilal Nehru College to contact the administration to clear his stand on the matter. (refer to Evidence 1.2)

[caption id="attachment_25929" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Evidence 1.2 -Gaurav Tushir instructed to contact office at Motilal Nehru College Evidence 1.2 -Gaurav Tushir instructed to contact office at Motilal Nehru College[/caption]

 II. “ABVP’s vice presidential candidate is a criminal. How can he contest the elections?” – NSUI

Case Overview – Parvesh Malik (ABVP) who is contesting for the post of Vice President is accused of having a criminal record. Malik who is having an FIR on his name cannot contest for elections according to NSUI (refer to evidence 2.1). The FIR accused him of an assault at a college event last year. CEO for DUSU elections had also issued a notice to Malik regarding the same.

[caption id="attachment_25925" align="aligncenter" width="581"]Evidence 2.1 - Copy of the First Information Report (FIR) Evidence 2.1 – Copy of the First Information Report (FIR)[/caption]

NSUI’s stand – “They are pointing fingers at us as they want to hide their own crimes. Pravesh Malik is a criminal and he cannot contest for Elections. As per Lyngdoh Committee rules a criminal cannot contest for DUSU elections. University never intervened in this case. I feel a criminal cannot act as an office bearer for the most prestigious University”, says Roji Joh, National President, NSUI.

ABVP’s Stand – “Yes we agree that there is an FIR against Malik. But student activism involves all this. They take part is student protests and demonstrations all the time. The point here is that it was just an FIR and no charges were proved. Lyngdoh Committee rules state a criminal should be tried or convicted to be disqualified from contesting (refer to Evidence 2.2). There is no such eveience and hence, no violation of rule. ”, says Rohit Chahal, National Secetary for ABVP.

[caption id="attachment_25927" align="aligncenter" width="663"]Evidence 2.2 - Page 48 of Lyngdoh Committee Report regarding criminal disqualification Evidence 2.2 – Page 48 of Lyngdoh Committee Report regarding criminal disqualification[/caption]

Action taken – The notice was put up on the University website but later withdrawn as there was no proof that Malik is convicted or tried. Prof. Rawat, CEO for DUSU elections says, “This case has been put forward to the legal cell of Delhi University. They are looking into it.” No further information has been received till now.

III. “Mona, VP candidate from NSUI presented fake documents or took two degrees at the same time” – ABVP

Case Overview – Mona Chaudhary (real name Mona Siwach) graduated from Kirori Mal College in 2013 but failed in the last semester. She therefore appeared in the May/June examination 2014 as an ex-student. This year she has taken admission in Campus Law Centre producing a degree from Manav Bharti University, Himachal Pradesh that is a regular degree and not a correspondence course.

ABVP’s stand – “Professor in Charge at Campus Law Centre wrote to the Principal at KMC and confirmed Mona as a student of the college from 2010-2013. Her mark sheet is also available (refer to evidence 3.1). This is fraud. Is the degree from Manav Bharti University fake or has she done two courses at a time?” questioned Saket Bahuguna, Delhi Secretary, ABVP.

[caption id="attachment_25928" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Evidence 3.1 - Mona Siwach's marksheet (Source - Evidence 3.1 – Mona Siwach’s marksheet (Source –[/caption]

NSUI’s stand – This is again under pressure of national government. They are harassing a female candidate. Many students from the University are enrolled in such a manner. Why is there no action taken against those then? Mona’s case also has no notice yet. With a day to elections and no action, I am sure the authorities have cleared the case”, informed Mohit Sharma, Secretary, NSUI.

Action taken – No action has been taken until now. Prof Rawat in this case also holds the college liable for any action. “Campus Law Centre has no action till now. We are responsible for elections or contesting and not admissions. If admission is cancelled then we will cancel the contesting right”, he told DU Beat.

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