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'MAD' people walked backwards on World Literacy Day

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A group of 120 students chose to be MAD as they walked backwards to push out ‘ill’ from ‘illiteracy’ on the World Literacy Day i.e 8th September. Make A Difference (MAD) and it’s volunteers stood up to promote literacy by gathering up for Back-a-thon, an event that took place in 20 cities where this non-profit organization operates to teach children.

For it’s Delhi chapter, Back-a-thon witnessed the literacy drive at GTB Nagar adjoining the University area. Delhi University has given such teachers and volunteers to MAD who have contributed towards enlightening the lives of these children. With six centres in Delhi, MAD teaches about 500-600 kids under the guidance of 300 teachers with a teacher-student ratio of 1:2.

[caption id="attachment_25871" align="aligncenter" width="721"]Make A Difference promotes literacy on World Literacy Day Make A Difference promotes literacy on World Literacy Day[/caption]
#We are on our way, Illiteracy go away!

The final backward movement underwent a lot of trial runs to teach the new people who joined  for the cause. The group called in attention by various slogans.

#Light up the dark Literacy is our spark!

The event managed to be successful within the group participating the march as it failed to gather much support from the spectators. Jaesica Chandan, Public Relations fellow for MAD said, “Our main target was youth. But due to the election period we couldn’t get permissions for Vishwavidyala station which would have helped us garner more support.”

#Light up the sky. Illiteracy has to die!

With maximum slogans in English, the working class in GTB Nagar couldn’t understand the concept. Kaustabhi, Director-Operation says, “This event was not a rally. This was just our way of expressing that we choose to be mad, our way of saying that we are mad but not crazy.” A few people were attracted in the end as they came forward and asked about the programme and MAD.

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Back-a-Thon was conducted without obstructing any traffic and in a peaceful manner. Ishita, Incharge for MAD Delhi says, “We are overwhelmed with the response we got. It was a very successful event. I thank everyone who was part of Back-a-Thon. Ill will be pushed out of Illiteracy.”

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